Earn Continuing Education Units to advance your intentional development

NIRSA is the premier provider of opportunities in continuing education and focused development for professionals in the field of collegiate recreation. Give your best to the field by staying current in all eight of the core competencies identified as vital to the profession.

NIRSA Continuing Education Units

NIRSA has organized a wide variety of educational possibilities for members looking to take their careers to the next level. NIRSA Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, are a leading education credential for collegiate recreational sports professionals. The NIRSA Professional Registry Commission award CEUs based on thorough criteria. NIRSA educational sessions are led and designed by your fellow members and other professionals in higher education for maximum relevance to current issues in the field.

CEUs are awarded for sessions serving any of eight core competencies in the profession of collegiate recreation. A wide range of educational sessions qualify for NIRSA CEUs, including online webinars and in-person educational sessions at our institutes and Annual Conference. The various opportunities may include practical or theoretical discussions of challenges or new methods in the field of collegiate recreation, from facilities management to new program development, from accessibility to student involvement, and beyond.

The Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals

For Members interested in professing their commitment to continuing education and development, registration in the Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals is the highest formal distinction. Your NIRSA CEUs as well as other educational credits can qualify you for registration or renewal into the Professional Registry. Registered Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals stand out as leaders in the field who are dedicated to outstanding performance and consistent improvement.

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For more information about NIRSA’s Continuing Education Units for Registry membership, contact NIRSA Assistant Director of Professional Development, Brittany Rejda.