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Campus Recreation & Leadership Development: Pathways for Student and Community Transformation

“Campus Recreation & Leadership Development: Pathways for Student and Community Transformation” NIRSA Research Report is intended to enhance the understanding of how to positively influence leadership development in students and offers practitioners practical program considerations to expand this work on their campus. As recreation opportunities have expanded on campuses, researchers and practitioners alike continue to explore how recreation relates to and can foster various forms of student development. This report looks specifically at campus recreation participation and leadership development outcomes. The publication is authored by Dr. Benjamin Correia-Harker, Director of Assessment & Research at Interfaith Youth Core, and Dr. Stacey Hall, Director of Campus Recreation at the University of New Hampshire. Research data analyzed for this report came from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL), an international research program founded in 2006 and focused on understanding the influences of higher education on leadership related outcomes. Published January 2019; Made possible by the support of the NIRSA Foundation.
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