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3 Sages

3 Sages “sips of wellness” focuses on restorative content, meditation, breath work, recovery, Yoga and stretching all in small doses. Localized content, NO grabbing programs from the Internet. The touch screen allows the user to pull up assets immediately when they need it and with hundreds of assets, the information is rotated to keep things fresh. Branded for you by you. Instead of promoting someone else’s brand, promote your brand, your programs, and your school. Each asset can be customized so the user knows it came from you. The tile format allows you to insert information you want to promote all under your control. Anywhere on campus. Many schools are partnering with other departments to provide wellness. It doesn’t need to be a 65” screen in the recreation center only, we can provide a great experience in as little as 100 sq. Fitness can also be added to provide additional solutions for locations that need 24/7 material.