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At REGUPOL, we refashion old tires into recycled rubber products that improve our lives in small but meaningful ways every day. From quiet living spaces to safe athletic/fitness facilities and comfortable and inspiring public spaces, our products are known for their high performance, intuitive design, and exceptional reliability. From the nation’s best college sports programs to the highest-volume gyms to the busiest community and rec centers, fitness facilities choose REGUPOL for our unmatched performance, durability, and service. We work closely with our customers to explore and recommend the best flooring solution to match the practicality and flexibility of their gym design, the safety and comfort of their gym environment, as well as the aesthetic appeal of their facility.

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REGUPOL Aktiv Recycled Rubber Flooring Brochure

Our signature fitness flooring REGUPOL Aktiv delivers an exceptional level of performance at affordable pricing. It is the most favored style of rubber gym flooring because it is easy to install, can last for decades of daily use, and looks and performs great. REGUPOL Aktiv rolls are available in either 1/4″, 3/8″, or 5/16” thicknesses, with color flecks from 10% to 95%, and customization available by special order.