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Nicros is known for inspirational climbing walls, legendary training products, handholds, and patented innovations such as Auto Belay Safety Systems™ and Extreme Hold Technology™ for volumes. 30 years of experience combines a passion for climbing with engineering expertise to create dynamic climbing environments for any setting. Nicros provides everything needed to own and operate a climbing wall, from design and construction to a full range of services including operations training, route setting and instruction, wall inspections, and more. Nicros has recently reenergized their handhold product line with new shapes and added wood volumes to their already popular line of E.H.T™ volume series. The new shapes emphasize smooth lines, bold colors, and sustainable natural textures that stand up to high traffic abuse. Using special polymer technologies Nicros is one of the only companies that offers both Polyurethane and Polyester handhold products. Nicros polyester formulation is the strongest and most rock-like texture that stands up to the extremes of outdoor use and resists weathering. Their polyurethane holds are flexible and virtually unbreakable, allowing routesetters to use set screws to drill and stack shapes on one another. Indoor climbing facilities, recreation centers, schools, parks, and homes have all benefited from Nicros’ creativity and experience. No project is too big or too small for the Nicros touch.

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Engage For Safety™ Program

After the walls have been built and the chalk dust has settled, your adventure has just begun. Nicros, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of climbing walls, handholds, landing surfaces, and training resources since 1992, is proud to introduce Engage for Safety™. Engage for Safety™ offers ongoing services and resources in 12 easily accessible packages to meet every need of a climbing wall or facility.


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