Ideas and insight for collegiate sport club leaders

Update, September 8, 2:30 PM PST: Read the recap of the 2013 event and check out this news article for more information on the upcoming 2015 NIRSA Collegiate Sport Clubs Institute, which is being held at the Crown Plaza Hotel Downtown in Minneapolis, Minnesota from
June 10-12.

NIRSA Collegiate Sport Club Institute

June 12-14, 2013 • St. Louis, MO

Collegiate sport clubs give students the chance to practice leadership and cooperation while getting the exercise needed for a healthy lifestyle. While club sports can be a lot of fun, they require careful planning and management to run smoothly.

Offered biennially, NIRSA Collegiate Sport Club Institute is a multi-day educational session and networking opportunity for collegiate sport club leaders. Class sessions and roundtable discussions led by experts in the field deliver fresh ideas and new insight into how to successfully develop, manage, and revitalize collegiate sport clubs.

If you're looking for some new ideas to keep your collegiate sport club running strong, NIRSA Collegiate Sport Club Institute delivers the information you're looking for in a fun and educational environment.

2013 Program Committee

  • Shane Bennett (Co-Chair), Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 
  • Mary Yemma (Co-Chair), North Carolina State University
  • Shannon Dere, University of Arkansas
  • Alan Glick, Virginia Tech 
  • Angela Petrie, Syracuse University 


If you have questions about the Collegiate Sport Club Institute, please contact NIRSA Assistant Director of Professional Development, Brittany Rejda.